GameBator (GBA Emulator) 1.3.3


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Note:If it cannot work, please try the Compatible mode(Settings->User preferences->Compatible mode).
If you have any problems, please send email to us and don't give bad rating. We are improving it!
Good news! GameBator can support cheats now! If you wanna use cheats, please read the notes firstly! We cannot commit to support all the cheat codes.

GameBator is a Game Boy Advance(GBA) emulator for Android devices. It can run nearly all GBA games.It can play .gba and .zip(zipped .gba) files but does not supply any GBA games in it. And it cannot open any other roms, such as gbc, smc etc. Please download GBA games from Internet or other storage device.

GameBator integrates one default gba bios file for easy use. If you load bios file failed, please change bios file for your device only once.

- Run most of GBA games in full speed
- On-screen virtual keypad
- Save and load states
- Cheats!!!
- Fast-forward
- Screen upside-down
- Use screenshot to record the classical rate of progress
- Save and load key profiles
- Integrate Game Gripper website
- Integrate ROM website, so you can easily find ROMs

1.If you want to update this application, please uninstall firstly then install it again.
2.When using cheats, sometimes need to reset the game(e.g. set the phase of the game), sometimes need to restart the software(e.g. some weired problems).
3.There are several types of cheats, such as GAMESHARK V1/V2/V3, so you can choose the type of cheat code in the settings(User preference-->Cheat code type).
If you do not know the type, please try both to see which one can run.
4.Only support 16 digits cheat code now.

Will support 12 digits cheat code recently!

Last Updated:2011-09-18 14:19:11
File size:0.47MB
OS:Android 1.5 and up

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